Whats the biggest Bionicle ever?

 It was Kardas Dragon which you can combine with Axonn,Brutaka and Vezon & Fenrakk but the 2009 Mata Nui glatorian set is just a bit bigger then Kardas Dragon.

what's the biggest bionicle cainster ever?

It is Hakkan's Caister. But is his set success or failure? The caister design is very Moder for 2006 and a very good Piraka set. The Caister is even bigger than a Visorak Cainster! Because of that Lego took advantage of this set and made it artwork.

When is bionicle going to end

 Bionicle is sadly ending in 2010. The bionicle stars were the last set's of Bionicle so thats why people are on the rush for one. Bionicle ended because bionicle was actuley never going to be put on sale but LEGO had a go with it (for only 9 year's) and when they got to 2009 bionicle were not selling very well (i think its because the price is too much, a glatorian legend's atleast £10).

What's the most complex bionicle ever?

Skopio XV-1 is the most Complex bionicle ever, containing 849 Pieces! it is infact from 2009 like Mata Nui.

What's the first bionicle(s) ever

The first couple of Bionicle were the six Turaga and Toa. Turaga: Vakama, Matau, Nokama, Whenua, Nuju and Onewa.
Toa: Tahu, Lewa, Gali, Pohatu, Kopaka and Onua.