One day (cant remember which one) i was walking home from shcool in the cold, then i reached my house. I turned my Laptop on, then i went on Wikianswers (i was only looking for cheats for MyLegoNetwork) then i read though  it, then i scrolled to the end where's there some more and suddenly it was one witch said when will bionicle end. So i clicked it ( well thts probaly what very one does you know, when you see that) then i read it. After i read it i was stuned and i felt like i was going to faint, then i was like NO! thats not right what kind of person would put that on there. Then i knew it was true becuase if it wasn't true Wikianswers would probaly take it off. But why i wondered, why would LEGO take off its most popular and sucsefull products! they said that BIONICLE was going to be replaced with Hero Factory ( Witch hate more than basicly everything) Hero factory was well some old Bionicle pieces and new bionicle pieces. I looked at some of them and WOW! I found the Thornax launcher! but in orange then i thought Hero Factory could be my wepon to nearly 1000's of votes on gallery but i will not tell you the secret about it! The point i made with it is why dont they put it as Hero Factory Lego models but call it Bionicle so, it will come bionicle again and people who don't know about BIONICLE ending will then think those Hero Factory Lego models witch you put Bionicle on them are new bionicle's of 2010 Summer and August.