This is my bionicle timeline. It has all my bionicles from the start to the end, but i will keep putting ones on here as i get more!

 1st bionicle: Barraki  Carapar

When i got Carapar i didn't even know it was a bionicle, and i couldn't read it on the box (i was only 4 then). I liked the box but now i'v sadly lost it, like iv lost Makuta Icarax, Gresh and so on. When i use to play with Carapar was on my birthday because i got him on my birthday and it even was the same day i got my Play Station 2. Carapar has sadly died because the bionicle was broken and he died (Nearly all my bionicle are broken, normaly becuase i play with them and fight then i lose my pieces and it comes loose and brakes)

 2nd Bionicle: Barraki Kalmah

I liked Kalmah but i still didn't know what a bionicle was and i didn't know Kalmah was based on a squid ( i only found out that last saturday) but, i got him from ToyRus and you know how, I was looking around like what to but, what to buy then suddenly a bionicle logo came in my eyes (even know i coudn't read the logo i know it). If i didn't find that bionicle logo that would o been my end to bionicle. Then i walked over to the Bionicle logo i saw Gadunka, in a box but then right next to it i saw Kalmah and thats how i got Kalmah.

 3rd bionicle: Chirox

He was good for a while but in the nd i didn't like him because when i realised there was two missing pieces i nolonger liked it (what a waist of five pounds for a bionicle with two missing pieces!!!)

Im still trying to remember more of them by next month so they will be posted during next month and the month