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 How to play

 Make your way around the page and find message's to help you around the game. You might find a Bonus and it will lead you to a spiecal page. To find the Bonus's and Messages and other thing's Hight light the page and you'll find writing and even find a Matoran to fight! do not select all  becuase thats cheating so never select all.
Happy Playing
 Everywhere you go you'll find a riddle or fight but most of all you'll rise your might.

Level 1

 FOUND MATORAN ALERT!!!!!! BIO CODE FOUNDED ALERT 2008 Galva with bio code!!  Find it underneath.
 Bio code BIO224 enter at bionicle.com follow the link to enter it: http://bionicle.lego.com/en-US/games/PhantokaGameIntro.aspx

 Level 2

S         J                               bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio       
A       bio code is ***>>>...?#'#~- Mouthfunction!!!!!                          Tume Tuma Tuma Tuma Tuma Tuma Tuma bio................

I                Horse Horse Fat Horse Mad Women Biscuit Fishfingers MMMMM.... tUmA bIo CoDe Is.....:::@@7474 Is fISHFINGERS no its ummmmmm of yessssss beep coming trew oh yes: 8991 Tuma BIO CODE: CUTZ05

E    enter here at