1 June 2010: Mistika website finally found!

 And there i was looking on biosector01 at the games, i clicked on one (it was a cool BARRAKI one) then i played it. But something happend, it took me onto the old Mistika website the one which was upgraded into the Glatorian website. It was so cool after a year of search finally on this day i found it. The only thing disapointing is that you can't go on products or home or anything at the top! you might be able to i don't know but i think that you have to be loged into the LEGO club to do which i am but every time i log in it says my password wrong but it isn't. So i don't officaly know if it works or not but i will try and get it in the next few day. this is it      

3 june 2010:I tryed logging in but it made no differents i still couldn't do it i couldn't go on anything up there. so it didn't work.

7 June 2010: Glatorian Arena videos!

I made a Glatorian video last week i will try to make atleast one a week if not there will be a longer fight the next week. What will happening is It will be the same as the Real Glatorian arena but with different Glatorian's. There coming out in July.

13 June 2010: I have got the mask of Light

When i bought  BIONICLE parts off eBay i got the GOLDEN IGNIKA (mask of life) whith it! its so cool all GOLDEN like it should be. After i found it i could build my Toa Ignika from 2008 becuase i lost his silver IGNIKA mask. Now i gonna use it for my website for story's and videos's all come out in July. heres a picture of it:
shiny isn't maybe just too shiny.

 20 June 2010: Just a warm up for the videos

Just for a little warm up for the Glatorian Battle Videos (GBV) i made a little bionice band for a practise. What i done is i took a picture, then moved a bit of all the players in the band then took a nother picture. Then i also did it again, and again,  and again, for the next 57 times. Wanna see the band click here to see them.

 4 July 2010: Videos coming a bit late

 The Glatorian Battle Videos (GBV) will be coming a bit late since my camera broke. I'll to get them just before August becuase im going Holiday. I reckon it will be on 26th or 29th of July. But you can still enjoy the BIONICLE band video!

22 July 2010: GBV blahdy blah canceled

 Im sorry to say that the GBV (Glatorian Battle Vidoes) are all cancled. I didn't get my camera fixed in time but if your getting fed up with the BIONICLE band I have got this brilliant bionicle story! You gotta read it, it's so cool, better than the GBV and BIONICLE band, so get reading it!

22 July 2010: what should i put on this website?

You know i'v got so much on this website i can't think of any more to put on it! im just out of ideas. If you want something to be on this web that you want contact me or i'll make a poll wich will be availeble at the 23 July 2010 hurry up it ends at August the 4th.