This is the true story of BIONICLE before the first Toa team with lesovikk and it also shows that BIONICLE's were actuley already there 30000 years before Lesovikk's Team like the Skrall and the Rahkshi and Others.

Chapter 1: The darkness arravies

 30000 Years before Lesovikk's team, in Kardex Nui a Island just above Bara Magna was the city of peace. Until Makuta spreaded a Kraata desease and turned all the Matoran into more creature like Matoran and some were even turned into Visorak and made them bad to kill the Matoran. Nearly all Matoran were killed in Kardex Nui becuase the Skrall and Rahkshi joined forces and came from Bara Magna and Invaded Kardex Nui. Some Matoran were Killed, and some even were put in a metal cage and were put in a Coma! The Matoran could't do anything about it they had no Wepons and they woudn't dare to go out of there Huts incase a Visorak or a Rahkshi or Skrall would pop out and kill. But still Makuta forces would surly break down there Hut and kill them.

Chapter 2: The Toa come

 100 years later the great beings sent out six Toa to deafeat Makuta's army. These are the six Toa:  Socatha: Toa of Fire (1st in command)     iceoxx: Toa Of ice      Matar: Toa of Air (second in command)        Kiina: Toa of water       rockanus: Toa or rock.  These Toa were no ordinary Toa. There were the Toa of the Golden elements and that means they are really just the Ignika when the Ignika exploded. eventually a matoran named Cosapaia saw these funny wepons,masks and legs sticking out of the Rocks. He didn't know what these were a sign from makuta or Kardex Nui exploding.Cosapia went to Turaga Sigio to tell of this hapening "These are the the Toa, Cosapia, bits of Golden Sparks the size of a Matoran hut shot out from the Ignika and started creating these. Said Turaga Sigio "And also the great beings made the Ignika to exploded" Turaga Sigio told Turaga Nathix (Toa of Rock) to send out his matoran to dig the Toa up. Many Matoran died from Getting there becuase the Skrall attacked them and even Turaga Nathix was Attacked by a Nui Jaga there but used