If you have ever had a dream as scary as this (doubt you have) you would probaly be a very weird dreamer, i always have weird dreams but i never know why. But this is the most weird one about bionicles!
There i got into bed one day (it was Sunday) my the most anoying day of the week because it was School tomorrow. I went asleep, then i got up, or did i? I looked down "What the!!??" i said. I saw Vezon & Kardas in my Bedroom! It was a fright. I went down stairs as fast as i can (Without falling down the stairs) i went in my living room. There i saw my BIONICLE's Vorox and Tarix fighting in the Glatorian Arena. My living wasn't my living room it was the Glatorian Arena! And Tarix was as big as me (well maybe a foot bigger) and Vorox was as big as my little sister! I never knew Vorox was that small (well the can never trust dreams). Then in saw my window just like My Window had just Diceapeared and it turned into the door for the Glatorian Arena. Then Gresh walked threw that door i was stunned surely i was dreaming. I could hear big smashes with Kardas stomping down the stairs.I was woried, if i went in the Kitchen the Kitchen would probaly turn into Metru Nui! I had nowhere to go. I would be killed by Kardas or be knocked out by Vorox in the Arena. Then out of the blue Golden amour came from everywere it hit me and my skin started to rip open. in a flash i was turned into Tahu! With this Golden amour i thought i could probaly go in the Arena and fight the Vorox. So i went into the arena and there in front of my eyes It was Tuma, he had just defeated the Vorox I was even more worried than before. I quickly ran to the exit to get out but it was too late it had shut i was there to face Tuma. No one ever had defeated Tuma before said a Comonntator but i never knew they had a Comonntator, but that was not to be true because Mata Nui had defeated Tuma. Tuma was walking foward to me but then i remembered i had Golden amour so i was very powerful. But Tuma was the Leader of all the Skrall so if i got him the other Skrall would know and Probaly destroy the Glatorian Arena. Then Tuma got his sword out and got reay to hit me with it. Then Tuma struck his sword down at me but in the middle of that Kardas had just smashed the Glatorian Arena and then Tuma was knocked   over.With all this i woke up. looked at my alarm clock it was still 5:30 so i just went back to sleep. Weirdly i was back in the Glatorian Arena no one was there. "I only woke a up for atleast 10 seconds and went back to sleep, Come on!!!" i shouted. Anyway you can't shout in a dream its impossible you don't hear youself saying things but you hear other people saying stuff thts what i call weird! I didn't even know what happend to everyone, and behind me parts of the Glatorian Arena were Dissapearing and i just found out that the Glatorian Arena was all Holagraphick (just what you get in a dream like this).